Westside Improvements


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Minor Intersection Improvements:

  • Reconfigure southbound approach.
  • Realign southbound left turn lanes.
  • Improve signal timing and coordination with Wabash Avenue

St. Joseph Avenue

Intersection Modification:

  • Close South Barker westbound exit loop ramp.
  • Add South Barker traffic to North Barker westbound exit ramp.
  • Realign westbound entrance ramp.
  • Upgrade eastbound Barker exit ramp.

Barker Avenue/Igleheart Avenue

Intersection Modification:

  • Relocate westbound Tekoppel Avenue exit.
  • Reconstruct Corbierre from Tekoppel to east of Addison.

Corbierre Avenue

Minor Intersection Improvement:

  • Restrict right turns on red with signal modifications.
  • Extend turn lanes, pavement upgrades.

Rosenberger Avenue

Major Intersection Improvement:

  • Dual displaced left turns.

Red Bank Road

Major Intersection Improvement:

  • Added turning movements.

Boehne Camp Road

Intersection Improvement:

  • Reduced Conflict Intersections.

Middle Mt. Vernon and Felstead Road

Restricted Crossing U-Turn:

  • Signalized Left Turns for Lloyd Traffic.

Schutte Road

Intersection Improvement:

  • Pavement Replacement

University Parkway