Frequently Asked Questions

TheLloyd4U includes more than a dozen improvement projects along the Lloyd Expressway. The projects extend from one end of Vanderburgh County to the other, from Posey County Line Road to Cross Pointe Boulevard.

TheLloyd4U will include intersection improvements, bridge replacements, pavement replacement and more.

INDOT plans to invest more than $100 million in improvements to make the Lloyd Expressway more efficient and safer for motorists to navigate. Funding has been approved for most of the projects.

The Project Team is gathering information and developing solutions designed to reduce conflict points, enhance traffic flow and improve safety. Activities include assessment of environmental impacts, traffic analysis, survey work, road design and bridge design.

TheLloyd4U improvements are divided into two phases. Phase One includes Rosenberger Avenue to Cross Pointe Boulevard with traffic analysis and design concepts underway. Phase Two includes Posey County Line Road to Rosenberger Avenue with traffic analysis and preliminary design work expected to begin in spring 2021.

A corridor-wide map shows what type of improvement is planned at each intersection – minor improvement, major improvement, pavement replacement, bridge replacement or intersection modification. The Project Team is preparing design concepts that detail how each intersection will function and what drivers can expect. Those design concepts will be shared in spring 2021 with preliminary design completed before a public hearing and formal comment period. The Phase One public hearing is expected in summer 2022. The Phase Two public hearing is expected in summer 2023.

The project is currently in the design phase. The Project Team is identifying environmental impacts, gathering public feedback and completing preliminary design work. The Team will finalize design and right-of-way processes before the projects are let for construction. Phase One construction is expected to begin in spring 2024. Phase Two construction is expected to begin in spring 2025. Construction of each phase is expected to take about two years to complete.

It’s still early in the process, but the Project Team doesn’t anticipate acquiring any homes or businesses for TheLloyd4U improvements. Right-of-way information and process will be developed after preliminary design is complete.

The Project Team will develop maintenance of traffic plans to help keep traffic flowing during construction. The team will work closely with business owners, local government officials, school officials and emergency personnel to share information, listen to their questions and address their concerns.

Yes. The public and stakeholders will be informed throughout the process with a chance to share their questions and feedback. Touchpoints include a project website, social media channels, project e-mails and text alerts, stakeholder meetings, public meetings and public hearings that will be followed by a formal comment period.

Sign up for project updates by email here. Sign up for text alerts by texting “INDOT Lloyd” to 468311.