Eastside Improvements


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Dual Displaced Lefts


  • Proximity to I-69
  • Peak time delays, especially northbound and southbound
  • High crash rates
  • Heavy commercial corridor 

Dual Displaced Left Turns


  • Peak time delays, especially NB and SB. 
  • Traffic backing up, especially SB Burkhardt
  • Heavy commercial corridor

Hybrid solution with EB displaced left turn and WB boulevard left turn


  • Proximity to Green River Road ramps results in a hybrid solution
  • Proximity to John Street also supports hybrid solution
  • Afternoon/evening peak delays in all directions

Right-in, right-out (restricted turn movements)


  • high number of rear-end crashes on EB Lloyd (Boeke overpass)
  • Boeke overpass site distance
  • Restricted left-turn movement will not overload nearby intersections
  • Maintains pedestrian movements

It’s time! Be prepared for when construction begins in spring 2024.

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